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Everyone is different and Meningioma is different in everyone

Founded in 1998 by meningioma patients, Caroline Rutgers & Ella Pybus, Meningioma UK continues to offer support & information to meningioma patients and carers affected by a meningeal tumour(s) of the brain or spinal cord. 

Like most meningioma patients, we were isolated and confused when we were diagnosed with this strange-sounding brain tumour so we decided we needed our own national organisation to help people affected by this type of tumour. 

We offer free support to patients, friends and carers, and clear jargon-free information. 

We stand for greater awareness of meningioma tumours, for prompt diagnosis, quality care & research to find better treatments and a cure for meningiomas.   

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 Gt Shelford, Cambridge - Thursday 23 July / 24 Sept 

> Enfield, North London - Saturday 31 Jan / 13 June / 10 October 

> Ashford, Kent - Saturday - venue/dates tba

> Romford  - Tu 21 April/ Tu 21 July/ Tu 20 Oct 2015                                                      

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